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Kids? Pets? Siblings that went to TTHS? Michael (1973), Melissa (1975). 5 grandchildren; Jacob, Joshua, Kendell, Ryan, and Connor. My sister, More…Debbie, graduated TTHS in 1966.
What I do for a living: Retired IBM Sr. Data Architect; Currently: Realtor
Where I live: Littleton, CO USA
What I do for *fun*:

My first love is studying the Bible and teaching it to others. The most satisfying "work" of all!

I love visiting and working in other countries.

But mostly I enjoy being with my friends and grandchildren. Also, reading, movies, camping, horseback riding, traveling, etc., etc., etc.

Grade school:


My life after Thornton:

Got married, had 2 kids, got divorced (my ex is now deceased). Got a degree in Computer Science and worked in that field in one way or another since 1979. Moved to Colorado in 1986 because I fell in love with the Rocky Mountains while on vacation.
Have traveled and worked in many, many places all over the world.

Good friends in HS:

Lots of good friends, I'd be afraid to name them for fear of leaving someone out!

My nickname/s:

Always wanted one, but never had one!

Great (or not so great!) times at TTHS:

Loaded down with books (we didn't have backpacks then!) and trying not to drop them on the way up to the 3rd floor! Making and getting to know new friends every year. Waiting and hoping to be asked to dance at the PX's. Going to football games I didn't understand, and basketball games that I did. The riot in our junior year. That was really heartbreaking. Wanting sooooo much to be a T-ette and freezing solid at the audition!

Favorite HS hangouts:

Dunkin Donuts (both in Harvey, where my high school best friend,Betty, worked for a while and in Dolton where I worked for a while.) But mostly Dixie Square. I always hung out with my friends and boyfriend there. I worked behind the deli counter at Jewel.

Memories of TTHS sports (or gym class:)

Clapping my hands raw at basketball games.

Favorite slow dance / makeout songs?

Least favorite, because I was sick of hearing it at EVERY PX: Light My Fire. Somehow guys always brought up "Brown Eyed Girl" to me. Gee I wonder why?

Cubs or Sox? Boxers or briefs? Fave Beatle? lol

Cubs. Paul McCartney. And forever, Da Bears!

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I'm so sorry I missed our 40th reunion. I had no idea so many of my old friends would be there....wish I'd known. Here's hoping for a 50th!