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10/03/11 11:38 AM #17    


Kathleen Domiter (Ruiter)

The reunion was great! I had a wonderful time reconnecting with classmates and meeting others. A big 'thank you' and a job well done to the reunion committee for putting this all together.

10/03/11 12:24 PM #18    


Jay LaRue

Hey Everyone the reunion was great and now would be a good time to start planing the next one say in about 5 years  and it might be a good sugestion that if you know anyone that didn`t make it this year to start seeing that they make the next one . Jay La Rue

10/03/11 07:23 PM #19    

Maryann Petro (Watson)

first of all I want to thank all of the committee that put this all togther=

my memories are so vague as carl bauman said-but I saw wonderful

people having so many good recollections-john klausner your the

best-it is not over for queens!

10/03/11 09:41 PM #20    


Sharon Nelson (Cruikshank)

Thank you to the committee for organizing a wonderful evening. Also for such a user friendly website. The photo gallery to share photos of the reunion is another benefit of this website. Thanks again.

11/27/11 05:53 PM #21    


Julie Payne (Fair)

I am so.................  thankful for the reunion committee.  I still enjoy my memories from the reunion.  I know it took a lot of time and effort to make the event.  It was well worth it!  Thanks again and Happy Holidays to all!  

03/18/12 02:22 PM #22    


Lawrence Haddon

Great turn out for the reunion 40 years wow. Great job by all the boards help!!!!!!! Lot's of roosevelt jr. high in attendence for sure. Good to see the football team members it's been a long time. Howard Greer and John Klausner nice to see you at the bears bronco game!! Keep in touch all of you don't be afraid to leave messages we all check them! Larry

11/07/12 09:21 PM #23    

David Corsello

Just wanted to say "Thank You" to all the Veterans who've served our country. Happy Veterans Day,2012,.......God Bless ALL of you.

12/22/12 10:44 PM #24    


Howard Greer

May each of you and your families have a wonderful Christmas season. Remember that you were part of a special group of people from a special place and time. 


03/19/13 03:30 PM #25    


Lawrence Haddon

Hey John Klausner happy 60th birthday enjoy vegas and remember we are not alone alot of classmates to soon follow wow!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday to all you wildcat alums. Larry

03/13/14 06:19 PM #26    


Lawrence Haddon

John happy birthday and yet another year older. I lost your phone number give me a call Larry 




08/31/14 06:13 PM #27    


Jackee Vroegindewey (Graves)

Sure looking forward to this years Harvey Daze!!! I requested the day off back in June :-)

09/04/14 10:51 AM #28    


Kathy Gifford (Fahy)

I will be at Harvey Daze also, Jackee. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Kathy Gifford Fahy

09/05/14 09:05 PM #29    

Anthony Johnson



09/06/14 08:49 AM #30    


Kathy Gifford (Fahy)

Harvey Daze is at the FOP in Hammond. Take I80 east to Kennedy Ave north exit. It is just north of the expressway on the east side. A quick right turn after the exit.  The event runs from noon to midnite and costs $8.

Kathy Gifford Fahy


11/10/14 06:08 PM #31    

David Corsello

                                Veterans Day 2014

Thank You to ALL of our veterans and God's Blessings to each one of you!

                                                            Dave Corsello

11/15/16 06:24 PM #32    

David Corsello



       Congrats to the TTHS Cub Fans......

04/02/20 01:59 PM #33    


Lawrence Haddon

Hi Wildcats stay safe during this corona virus. Follow your hearts wash hands, clothes ,faces eat right and stay healthy. Wildcat strong.        Larry Haddon

05/26/21 12:44 PM #34    


Ronald Hitchcock

Is there going to be a 50 year reunion this year?  If anyone from our class knows please post the information.

10/17/21 03:10 PM #35    


Kathy Gifford (Fahy)

There is an combined TTHS and T'Ridge reunion planned for May 20, 2022 - years 71 to 74.  Info posted on FB saying any year is welcome.  Check it out!  


08/05/22 09:28 PM #36    


Ronald Hitchcock

Where is Harvey Daze this year?

08/06/22 07:12 AM #37    


Robert Greaney

08/06/22 07:17 AM #38    


Robert Greaney

Harvey Daze continued



08/06/22 02:02 PM #39    


Ronald Hitchcock

Thanks for the information Robert.

09/11/23 03:18 PM #40    


Ronald Hitchcock

Had a great time at Harvey Daze!  Another successful event!

01/18/24 07:06 PM #41    


Ronald Hitchcock

Congratulations to all from the class of '71 that turn 71 this year!

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