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Stanley DeSantis

Stanley DeSantis

Stanley DeSantis, Actor
July 6, 1953 - August 16, 2005
Actor Stanley DeSantis died Tuesday in Los Angeles of a heart attack. He was 52.
The character actor also ran a longtime t-shirt company which licensed designs from entertainment properties. Born in Roslyn, New York, he grew up in Chicago and attended NYU film school, where he first began selling t-shirts from his apartment. One of his first designs, "Surrender Dorothy," became one a popular design of the 70s. He held t-shirt licenses for properties including "Beavis and Butthead," "The X-Files," "The Simpsons," "Titanic" and "South Park."
DeSantis is perhaps best known for the role of Norman Neal Williams in the Peabody Award-winning "Armistead Maupin's 'Tales of The City.'" He appeared in feature films including "The Birdcage," "Postcards from the Edge," "Boogie Nights," "Ed Wood," "Bulworth" and "I am Sam."
On TV, he appeared in "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "Six Feet Under" and "Tracey Takes On." He was currently appearing on HBO's "Entourage" as independent producer Scott Wick. He also played Louis B. Mayer in "The Aviator."
DeSantis is survived by three sisters and seven nieces and nephews.
Donations may be made to L.A. GOAL, 4911 Overland Ave., Culver City, CA 90230.


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05/17/11 07:00 PM #1    

Les De Carlo

Stanley was a fun guy at school and in our plays.

07/05/11 06:15 PM #2    

Jovalle Buckmaster (Puhrmann)

Whenever I saw Stanley's name on a program/show/play etc. etc. etc..... I knew I was going to be entertained. The first time I saw him perform I knew he was "going places".

07/06/11 10:09 PM #3    

Pamela Schukei (Sutton)

Stanley's family moved across the street from me the summer between 5th and 6th grade.  We became great friends and got into much trouble.  Also we had loads of adventures and many great memories.  Stan is always remembered, always missed.

09/07/11 01:29 AM #4    

Jesse Barreda

I met Stan in 6th grade and he was truly the funniest kid in class. Stan got me to try out in a ton of high school plays... he got the big parts and I got to be in the background.  But that was fine because there were a ton of parties to go to and I met a ton of people.  Stan knew his future early.  He took the WHOLE back cover of my 8th grade yearbook to write a note.  Mr. Sarcastic ran on with how much fun we had in some boring classes then before he signed it wrote "take care of this signature, it is going to be famous!"  Pam was right in her note.  If you hung with Stan you were going to get in trouble!!!

09/27/11 08:36 PM #5    

Jeanine Handley

I was in several art classes with Stan, we had the best time. He was so funny and very creative. So sad he is gone. And I have one of his T-Shirts, Gone With the Wind, my favorite book and movie.

12/17/12 05:38 PM #6    

Ronald Black

I enjoyed Stan.  We had several English classes together, but my favorite memory of him at school was when he played the part of George M Cohan in "George M."  He was not the greatest singer, but boy - did he play that role to the hilt.

A few years before his passing, I caught him in the TV show, "Early Edition."  He was playing the part of a Santa Claus, and I will never forget the pride I felt watching him in that role.

03/27/13 10:59 AM #7    

Richard Brooks

 I remember Stan from P.E. class and even then he wanted to be an actor. Then i saw the movie The Candyman with him in a supporting role and later in Entourage. Back in the 90's i had an X-Files t-shirt from his company and wondered then if it was him.

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